Conceited Christianity

Christians are sometimes arrogant people. We are often so wrapped around our own beliefs and biases that we do not consider the position of others. While this can be said in dealing with our interaction with people of other religions, this haughtiness is perhaps more apparent in the realm of Christendom itself.

We have created this great schism within Christianity, there are those who approached their faith in a liberal manner and those who engage faith fairly conservatively and while I am not proposing we don’t categorize (society simply lends itself to this behavior), I am proposing that we stop seeing one faction as superior to another. These labels only deter our unity. Why is it that we argue amongst one another about speaking in tongues, female pastors, drinking alcohol, and even being democrat or republican? We put so much emphasis on many worldly issues yet we cannot honor God by obeying his word and loving one another.

Yes, I believe that there is a right way to live out our faith. I have several biblically-based beliefs that are non-negotiables and if you have a conversation with me about a certain issue I am going to talk to you like I really believe what I am saying. Having said that, also believe in the fallibility of man and believe that no one man is able to actually grasp the greatness of God. Disagreeing should not be completely devise, different denominations and views of how to read scripture are fine, and perhaps healthy, but when they break-up the family and body of Christ something needs to be reevaluated.

Whenever we create a devise mentality that one group is completely wrong and that one is right we run the risk of idolizing our belief system. We must acknowledge that God manifests himself in different ways to different people and just because it is different doesn’t mean it is wrong. This does not mean we forsake thinking critically and biblically, but we must also make our faith trans-worldly, in a belief that realizes that faith is visible beyond the limits of culture, race, creed, etc. and exists on a higher realm that is only fully understood as we seek out God through the love of Christ Jesus.

I don’t know where on the liberal/conservative spectrum everyone stands, but as we pursue our relationship with Christ, we must consider the fallibility of man and be mindful of how devout we are to our belief rather than to our Redeemer. Even in our most earnest strivings human arrogance can distort the beauty of the Lord.

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