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The has had several great articles in the past week check them out.

The R-Word

For white Gen Y’ers, ‘racist’ is the worst tag of all.

Master TV satirist Stephen Colbert frequently pokes fun at the notions of racial political correctness by having his brash conservative pundit character proclaim that he cannot see race. It’s a simple and reliably funny conceit that plays on the prevalent, if specious, notion that we live in a post-racial era, one that ignores, or optimistically shrugs off, the lingering and substantial issues between the races (Click to See Entire Article).

The situation is this: Two friends of mine; one white male, one black female. One very incendiary word. And the black girl wasn’t the one who said it.

I watched the following exchange with nervous curiosity, my eyes flitting back and forth as if the two were engaged in an intense game of ping-pong. My white male friend had been standing there talking like the rest of us, peppering his speech with “nigga this” and “nigga that” as he joked and laughed (Click to See Entire Article).

Gen Y and the Colorblind Lie

For millennials, race is more complicated than ever.

“Are you serious?” he asked. And though I was, I couldn’t help but notice the disbelief in his blue eyes, his pale face furrowed in confusion. I searched his expression for an inkling of empathy. There was none.

“Why,” he had to wonder, “can’t I say the word ‘nigga’?”(Click to See Entire Article).

Black in America, Now What?

CNN’s sweeping series raises many good questions but offers few answers.

Certainly, the show shines a spotlight on the scope of blackness. But will black viewers see or learn anything that improves their daily lives or inspires new thinking or action? And will viewers unfamiliar with “the black experience” learn anything that will expand or positively inform their opinions of blacks, or—more to the point—spur them to reach out to blacks? (Click to See Entire Article)

Burden of Proof

We’ve earned our stripes. Stop asking us to prove our colors.

As the daughter of a retired African-American foreign service officer, I’ve lived patriotism, and it’s time we settle one issue regarding race in America: Enough already with questioning the patriotism of African Americans just because we have a hyphenated identity. We can be black and red, white and blue (Click to See Entire Article)

  1. I’ve read several of the articles, and I can vouch that they are quite good. Well written and taken as a whole, pretty accurate and descriptive.

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