Playing for the other team

While I was reading the paper today I thumbed through the sports section to see what was interesting. Usually this is a boring time in American sports for me. I don’t keep up with baseball, the circular nature of racing makes me nauseous, and soccer (futbol) gets horrible coverage in the U.S. – even the American League MLS. After sorting through I found an article about WNBA star Becky Hammon who is playing for the Russian Olympic Team.


So is anything wrong with this? Why are people upset about this athlete competing for another country? The U.S. rejoices when we have foreign coaches or athletes play for the United States. The response Americans are having seem to touch on the ethnocentrism and cultural superiority of the U.S. since everyone wants to be America, of course we will welcome foreign athletes, However when the coin if flipped we feel betrayed, treated unfairly and perhaps put down on too level of a playing field with those other countries.


What are your thoughts? Should Becky Hammon be allowed to play for Russia? Does it make a difference? Is this an example of American ethnocentrism or is it something else?

    • elliek
    • August 7th, 2008

    I totally agree with you! It is so ridiculous how we use a double standard with things like this. Not to mention, who “allows” her to play for Russia or not? I guess they could kick her out of the WMBA…I think it is an excellent example of the pettiness of our own ethnocentrism!

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