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I haven’t written about TUFW (Taylor University Fort Wayne) yet. And I am not going to write significantly. I wanted to let people know what happened several weeks ago though: Here is the Press Release (some browsers will read the Press release I placed in the blog fine, but for others you can use the linl).




Date: October 13, 2008

Taylor University officials have announced the discontinuation of the traditional undergraduate program on its Taylor University Fort Wayne (TUFW) branch campus, effective May 31, 2009, and that some yet-to-be-determined programs may be moved to the main campus in Upland.

The announcement was made to TUFW faculty, staff and students today by Dr. Eugene B. Habecker, Taylor’s president, during campus meetings. This does not affect Taylor’s growing online learning program, which numbers nearly 600 students. Neither does it impact Taylor’s Fort Wayne-based MBA program, or the WBCL Radio Network.

The discontinuation of the TUFW undergraduate program impacts:

  • 299 full-time and 38 part-time degree-seeking students (213 who live on campus).
  • 18 full-time and 24 part-time/adjunct faculty members.
  • 56 full-time and 22 part-time staff members.

Richard Gygi, Taylor’s Board chairman, cited the inability to create a successful TUFW business model as the chief factor in the Board’s decision, made during its 2008 fall meeting last week. “After 16 years of significant effort and investment, we concluded that we have been unable to develop the TUFW operation into one that is financially self-sustaining,” he said. “After much deliberation, prayer and consideration, the Taylor Board of Trustees voted to end the traditional undergraduate program at the end of the current school year on May 31, 2009.”

Habecker said that since its inception in 1992 when Taylor University acquired the former Summit Christian College, TUFW has operated at an average deficit of $1 million a year, which has been subsidized from Taylor’s Upland campus budget – resulting in more than $15 million in total subsidies. “Even with the generous contributions of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations, we arrived at the conclusion that the losses were too great to continue with the traditional undergraduate model for TUFW,” he said.

In addition to ending the traditional TUFW undergraduate program, Taylor’s Board tasked the Taylor administration with the following responsibilities: 

  • Encourage TUFW undergraduate students to finish their degrees at Taylor’s Upland campus. 
  • Support affected faculty and staff during this time of transition.
  • Study which programs at TUFW may be consolidated into the undergraduate program on Taylor’s Upland campus.
  • Explore the potential of future Taylor University academic programs in the Fort Wayne community.
  • Develop recommendations for alternative uses for the Fort Wayne facility.

“This has been one of the most difficult decisions our Board of Trustees has ever made,” Gygi stated.

“Our goal is to do everything within our power to see that the members of our Taylor community are able to continue their lives with the least disruption possible,” added Habecker.

“I observed all of the Board of Trustee deliberations and these men and women exhibited exceptional boardsmanship in making this very difficult decision,” said Dr. Duane Kilty, TUFW chancellor. “While this decision brings a sense of great sorrow, I accept and support it.

“For the past two-and-a-half years, Joni and I have had the privilege of serving the TUFW community. We have grown in our love and respect for our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends,” Kilty continued. “During the coming days, we will be dedicated to ensuring to the best of our ability that these men and women are able to continue their educations and careers. We covet the prayers of our neighbors, friends and families.”

“The Board of Trustees and I highly commend the leadership of Chancellor Duane Kilty and his wife Joni, the dedicated efforts of faculty and staff, the commitment of students and parents, the generosity of alumni and friends, and the support of the greater Fort Wayne community,” said Habecker. “Taylor University continues to embrace the alumni of its branch campus as well as alumni from its predecessors, Fort Wayne Bible College and Summit Christian College.”

Habecker said that Taylor’s main campus in Upland is academically strong and financially sound, a fact evidenced by its ranking as the number one Midwest baccalaureate university by U.S.News and World Report for the past two years.



I am not going to make any comments, because I am personally processing a lot. Please just stay in Prayer for all of those associated with the TUFW campus. I am going to give some links to responses from students and others affected by the happenings. They represent the gamut of emotions related to this process.














There are other News Reports you can find by simply searching “TUFW” or “Taylor University Fort Wayne.” I wanted to add that TUFW is not alone in this closing; two similar universities- Cascade & Pillsbury have recently gone through the same trial.


Pleas pray, not only for those related to TUFW but for those at Cascade and Pillsbury as well.


If I were President – Mos Def

I don’t agree with everything in this video. But It is some good social commentary, by one of my favoirte rappers. I apologize for language that offends anyone.

Braille on Basketball

Christian Hip-Hop has been slowly recognized in the mainstream world. I often hear Grits on MTV’s cribs and sometimes if I listen carefully, I hear other Hip-Hop artists at large sporting events. Now a Christian

Hip-Hop artist has infiltrated the mainstream video game world. While I have heard artists on other video games, this particular example is exciting.

This October, one of the hottest names in indie hip-hop is lighting up the most anticipated game of the fall. Syntax Recording artist Braille lends his lyrical skills to EA Sports’ NBA Live 2009, due in stores this Tuesday (October 7th 2008).

Fans were excited over the summer when the title track from Braille’s latest album, The IV Edition, played over highlights from NBA Live ’09 in a trailer that also served as an announcement that San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker was the cover of NBA Live ’09. With the game being only a week away from releasing we are also excited to announce that “The IV” has been selected as a song to be featured as a free download on the official NBA Live website. As expected the song is also prominently featured throughout the game.

“I’ve always loved NBA Live. I can remember playing NBA Live ’95 with my friends during school. The game brings back instant memories of my teenage years and having my song in the game is definitely one of the highlights in my career so far,” Braille says. “Moments like this inspire me to keep giving 100 percent and further increase my passion and a purpose for music.”

The IV Edition dropped April 15th on Syntax Records to critical acclaim, earning rave reviews from All Music Guide’s JoAnne Greene – which called Braille’s rhymes “eloquent” and “a powerful foundation of advice, self-observance, and self-awareness, with a sharp eye for the larger picture.”


Although, I don’t play video games anymore – not habitually at least -, I find it a blessing that Braille will receive such publicity and that kids, young adults, and adults around the world will be bobbin’ their heads to Braille as they press “X” & “Y”.

LeCrae Interview

Resurgance has done an interview done with Hip-Hop artist LeCrae. It touches mainly on his new ablum release. It doesn’t have much information that Christian Hip Hop fans are unfamiliar with, but it is worth  a look.

Lecrae has a brand new album out today called Rebel. The title track is inspired by a sermon given at Mars Hill Church by Pastor Mark. You can download it for free here. The Reach records guys have been part of several Resurgence and Mars Hill events, they have a heart to live missional lives for Jesus, and are reaching the hip hop culture. (More)