Drama High A Real High School Musical

I have only seen the trailers, but I think that ABC’s “20/20 special”, Drama High: A Real High School Musical, which airs tonight at 8pm, will be worth the watch. From what I have seen and read, the special may offer some intriguing commentary on diversity and  multi-cutlrualism in the youth generation. The sheer fact that racial roles are reversed and white students are trying out for “The Wiz”, an African-American play, will be entertaining.

I don’t think the special is primarily about race. More of it will be displaying the trails and triumphs of putting together any theater presentation. However, if only because of the rare occasion where we see white kids trying out from something made for African-American society race will be an issue.

The Washington Post printed a preview in this morning’s paper. It is only a synopsis, but it may help you get oriented to the TV special.

    • Brandon House
    • January 17th, 2009

    I hope you watched this special! It was interesting. No it was not primarily about race but it did display themes of racism throughout the special.

    • HOUSE. Roomate. I am glad to see you in blogosphere – do you have a blog?. Man, we can’t wait to see you guys in Feb.

      I am glad that it was broader than just focusing on individual racial issues. I did think the Gospel music incident was interesting and honestly disheartening for me. Not so much in the cultural clash, I expected that, but it the way that the two African-American girls reacted. They were so foul mouth and unloving that it made me cringe. It would have been disappointed if it was merely secular hip-hop or R&B, but this was Gospel, what is supposed to be an expression of the Joy we have in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      I thought the cultural commentary of a predominately white cast performing the Wiz was great (it made me want to watch it, it has been a while). It is usually minorities that have to understand the arts from a majority perspective rather than the other way around. The comments about Africa were interesting. Although the director has a point in saying that African-Americans linage is from Africa, he pushed that way to hard, especially in the Wiz which is blatantly African-American not African. Also I felt for the African girl who was observing how the African-American girls were mocking Africa and speaking of it as one large mono-cultural landscape. I think that highlights and issue that the African-American community is still dealing with. How do we treat Africans who immigrate to America. It will be interesting now that we have a multi-racial President with a biological father from Kenya, what comes of African-American/African relations

      I did think that the hyped the racial content int he advertising in order to intrigue people.I was almost like “Watch Watch, there might be racial tension”

    • Brandon House
    • January 19th, 2009

    Naw dude, no blog for me. I’ve no platform. You stole all the original ideas. All I’ve got left is “Educational diversity: an African American educator’s struggle to fight the “at risk” mentality.” Catchy title, real boring to read.

    • HAHA. Man, I think that it would be great to write about that. Just tell stories about your kids – everyone likes a good story – and add some personal commentary. I would read it, so you would at least have one reader.

      I have people read my blog, but no one posts :(.

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