Spiritual Mentor?

Mark Silk over at Spiritual-Politics.com wrote an intriguing post about Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to pray the invocation prayer at is inauguration. His suggestion is that perhaps Obama’s pick of Rick Warren was much more personal than it was professional.  I am going to patch work his post, but please go over to his blog to read the entire post.

Once upon a time, presidents tended to choose their own pastors, or reasonable facsimiles thereof, to give the invocation at their inaugurations. The idea was: Here’s the guy who presides over my religious life, the guy I go to for spiritual counsel, and so I’m going to honor him by letting him say the prayer over this latest ceremonial occasion of my life . . .

But over the past two decades, it appears that a new office has emerged–that of Pastor to the President. . .

It is, I think, in this context that Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren needs to be seen. . . .

Warren seems to have given the president-elect good reason to like him and value his advice; the two call each other friend. We may think whatever we want of either, but this may be more about them than us. . .

I am still processing this? What does this mean if it is true? Is it true? How, if true, does the theological differences effect the relationship? .

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