Walmart Justice?

I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. I don’t agree with how they treat or pay their workers, – when you are one of the biggest companies in the world and your owners are four of the ten richest people in the nation you should be offering, at least, full health-care, a living wage, and benefits – I don’t agree with establishing big-box stores, I don’t agree with planting Wal-Mart’s in small towns, eating up the local businesses and draining the local economy, I don’t agree with their negative impact on the environment – saying you are “green” and selling “green” products doesn’t count – I don’t agree with Wal-Mart’s lobbying power and I DON’T agree with their use and abuse of overseas labor – we get low prices because a) factories are moved overseas so things can be produced cheaper and b) Wal-Mart utilizes factories in nations where they can bay a substandard price.

I honestly blame Wal-Mart, and other companies, including mortgage and car loan companies, who suggest that we deserve low prices, for the recession. I know they aren’t completely to blame, but when we as a Nation and a people are spending more than we are making on a consistent basis trouble is around the corner. Our low prices come at a cost, low wages.

I honestly believe Wal-Mart doesn’t make anyone live better. Recently, Wal-Mart settled 63 lawsuits over wage issues.

Wal-Mart said on Tuesday that it would pay at least $352 million, and possibly far more, to settle lawsuits across the country claiming that it forced employees to work off the clock.

I am encouraged that this happened – there are still more lawsuits waiting to be dealt with. Any move in the positive direction is a good one, but righting wrongs in a lawsuit isn’t justice. Lawsuits help fix a past issue, but the reality is that Wal-Mart is still not just.

Wal-Mart shouldn’t just be settling lawsuits they should be pursuing justice. I don’t know if that will happen, but until it does I guess I won’t “live-better” because I won’t spend my money at Wal-Mart.


Wal-Mart – High Cost of Low Prices is a great resource and a fun watch.Here is the preview.


I think you can find the whole film online.

  1. I really appreciate your post. It was informative and really opened my eyes.

  2. Josh- I’m guilty of shopping Wal-Mart, this is good to think about, though…
    On a different note: You gotta read this article!
    I would post it on my blog, but I don’t think many of my readers are ready for it. Let me know what you think!

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