Ethnic Diversity in UnDiverCity

My wife, Alyssa and I just moved to Huntington, Indiana, in early December. The move was motivated by the closing down of Taylor University Fort Wayne and the need for me to find a different assistantship to go along with my Graduate work. Huntington is not Fort Wayne. Huntington has an approximate population of 17,000 and is 98 percent white – I am serious, that is by no means hyperbole or exaggeration.

For Alyssa, who is Taiwanese-American, and I, who is African-American, this is a bit of a shock. Although we both attended Taylor University which was predominately white (7 percent American Ethnic Minority) and lived in Upland which is also 98ish percent white, we were in college. Our community was with other students, staff, and professors. Additionally the town was so small that we didn’t really spend much time in the town. To grocery shop, go out to eat and whatnot we had to venture to Marion or Muncie. Although we were in rural white community we, as students, didn’t feel the effects that tremendously. In Huntington we aren’t afforded the privilege only being college students we are community members. We shop, we go out to eat, we have friends, we go to church we are citizens of the City of Huntington. For two minorities that interracially married this is an adventure.

I believe that God has us here for a reason and moved us from Fort Wayne, which is actually quite diverse – especially certain neighborhoods. I am not sure if we are to have the reason revealed to us or if we will be unbenounced participants in the growth of those around us. Regardless, Alyssa and I expect – and already have had to struggle with some issues of diversity, multi-culturalism, pride, sin, etc. As we experience these I hope to capture them on this blog. I am not confident about the regularity of my posting; however, I am confident that I will have a number of stories to tell and introspections to express.

I hope that some of you journey with us as we explore our experience Ethnic Diversity in an UnDiver-city

  1. I look forward to reading your weblog. Your reflections on Fort Wayne, Huntington, and dealing with diversity are bound to be interesting.

  2. Welcome! Glad you are here.

    • Angela S
    • January 21st, 2009

    I am excited to read about how life is going for you guys. This is the first time I’ve looked in depth at your blog, and it’s great! You’ve already opened my eyes to new things. I love you both!

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