USA Today published an article about the evolving of the pro-life movement to include human trafficking, immigration, health care, disease prevention etc.

Also finding room on a more broadly defined “pro-life” movement are poverty, torture, immigration, health care, disease prevention and climate change. With that has come more talk of respecting the humanity of gay men and lesbians and new interest in cooperating with progressives and non-evangelicals (including the new president) on strategies to reduce the incidence of abortion.

As suggested by popular evangelical leader Rick Warren, progressives who support abortion rights would be mistaken if they interpreted all this as a sign that evangelicals are dropping the abortion issue. “They’re not leaving pro-life,” Warren told Beliefnet recently. “I’m just trying to expand the agenda.”

The categorization of “Pro-Life” has been utterly pigeonholed and politicized in previous years. Both the media has attempted to reduce the efforts of “conservative” groups to a “pro-life” agenda and “conservative” groups have played into that characterization.

I am excited to see that more Christians (off all bents) are realizing the greater, biblical,  pro-life agenda, and hope that the media will continue to recognize the breadth of the “pro-life” agenda (something that they have missed in past years).

  1. I think this a move in the right direction. Until we see all life as precious, then we really can’t preserve any. Until we have adequate health care, day care, and child care, how can we tell a young woman to bare a child? Until two-parent homes are the norm, how can we steer a young persons natural energy to postitive persuits? Until people can find jobs, keep their homes, and get out of debt–people will make “tough” choices. I firmly beleive that in America, we need to get back to basics: God, Family, Church, and Country.

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