Religious Conservatives/Liberals?

What is a religious conservatism or liberalism?

How do we define these??

Is a Socialist who believes that acting on homosexual feelings is a sin a conservative?

Is an open theist who believes in closed borders and very limited immigration laws liberal?

Is a social justice advocate conservative if they believe in the inerrancy of the Bible?

Is a Five-Point Calvinist who excepts female pastors liberal?

Is someone who has multi-cultural friendships, but believes it is wrong to curse or swear conservative?

Is a person who believes drinking is a sin, but doesn’t have any problem with divorce liberal?

Is the person who believes in “saving the planet”, but also believes in low taxes conservative?

What equation constructions conservatism?

What equation constructions liberalism?

What purpose do these labels serve in our complex society?

  1. It’s all about power and politics… if I am honest though, it seems so hard to actually break from the simplistic categories that we have set up within our culture. It’s like race… its biologically a false concept, yet because we operate by it, its a reality.

    At the end of the day it is still just a form of reductionism, because we often prefer the easiest and simplest way of explaining and understanding people, rather than acknowledging everyone’s complexity and uniqueness.

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