Excellent Black People

“Excellent black people have always been compensated for excellence. Always. The real equality is when we can have a black president as dumb as George Bush. That’s when we’re really equal. That’s when the dream has come true.” — Chris Rock

I don’t agree with Chris’ assessment that Bush is dumb (he may have made dumb decisions, but that doesn’t make him holistically dumb), but Rock’s point is important.

Barack Obama was – and still is – something special. He has a charisma, aura and vibe that is recently unprecedented in the political sphere. Additionally, his academic accolades are greatly impressive.  If not for his expectational characteristics would he, as a bi-racial man, have been voted in as the President of the United States?

Is it that the black folk who make the big time in politics, entertainment, academe, the corporate world etc. are the ones who are exceptional, not just good or even great?

  1. February 10th, 2009

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