A break from more serious thought

Gender Analyzer is an interesting website that analyzes the language of a blog and “determines” whether a blog is written primarily by a man or a woman. It is by no means perfect, but it is fun to see when it is right or wrong and how right or wrong it was. I took the time to run some of the blogs that I frequent through the analyzer. Many of the scores are in the 45%-55% range, which means that they lean one way but basically are gender neutral. Enjoy!

http://wisdomandfollyblog.com/ – 55% Man

http://www.dankimball.com/vintage_faith/ – 54% Man

http://thesuburbanchristian.blogspot.com/ – 52% Man

http://thelinkbetween.wordpress.com/ – 62% Woman

http://africanamericanpragmatist.blogspot.com/ -68% Woman

http://aroundfortwayne.info/blog/ – 82% Man

http://www.spiritual-politics.org/ 69% Woman

http://www.jazztheologian.com/findingthegroove/ 63% Man

http://edwardg.wordpress.com/ 53% Woman

http://stackblog.wordpress.com/ 79% Man

http://nowarningshotsfired.blogspot.com/ 53% Woman

http://gnatural.blogspot.com/ 65% Woman

http://gsmessagebuzz.blogspot.com/ 59% Woman

http://lashawnbarber.com/ 51% Woman

http://indiancorn.blogspot.com/ 71% Woman

http://www.halfwaytonormal.com/ 58% Woman

http://freestyletheology.blogspot.com/ 55% Woman

http://www.abcpastor.com/ 64% Man

http://www.andyrowell.net/andy_rowell/ 75% Man

http://eugenecho.wordpress.com/ 83% Man

http://www.jacanada.blogspot.com 59% Woman

http://www.blackwasp19.wordpress.com 54% Woman

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