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The Denver Channel

A Denver third-grader will be front and center at the Colorado State Capitol Saturday pushing for same sex marriage in the state. Ethan McNamee arranged the rally as an independent class project.He was concerned about the issue after hearing about anti-gay remarks on the playground and then learning about a same sex couple in his neighborhood that couldn’t get married.

“Everybody is different in a good way,” he said.Ethan believes that if two people love each other that is the only issue to be considered. Ethan took it upon himself to arrange the rally and line up the guest speakers. He admitted it was more work then he thought it would be, but adds it was fun. Administrators at Montclair Elementary have been sensitive to the controversial issue. Parents were notified about Ethan’s project and only students who wanted to get involved participated. A handful of kids helped Ethan make signs on Friday afternoon.Ethan’s teacher, Kyle Kimmal, said he was careful to not impose his views on Ethan. He also told Ethan that his stand could anger some classmates and parents and that he should be prepared for protestors at the state capitol.

Like this or not, this is the future of America.

I still struggle with the idea of Gay Marriage – I personally define marriage as between a man and a women, so does President Obama -,  but I also believe that there is a marked difference between a marriage before God and a marriage before the state. I don’t believe God honors the marriage of two men or two women, however that doesn’t mean the state – which is not an extension of Christian ideology or theology – should have the same reservations. I know that statement opens up a can of worms, but it is what I hold to.

The reality is divorce over anything but infidelity is just as sinful and I don’t know if it matters if you live  a life within the sin of being  homosexually married or if  you live unrepentant of previous sin – divorce.

Although I have the same view – legally – as this child, I am a little uncomfortable with a boy making a speech and leading a rally- just as I would be with a third grade Christian boy preaching a sermon to the nation. Having a child as a public spokesperson seems a little manipulative.  One additional – and fundamental – thing that bugs me is Ethan’s comment

Everybody is different in a good way.

I understand where he is coming from, but this is a scary thing to be teaching our children. This is relativism at the core. And honestly, relativism doesn’t benefit anyone, it undercuts arguments made by same-sex marriage supports and “traditional” marriage advocates. We need to debate and disagree and come to conclusions, it doesn’t to any good to just give into the every ideology out there. If everyone is different in a good way, then those who believe in “traditional marriage” are different in a good way the same as those who are same-sex marriage advocates. There is no conclusion there, no balance just an amorphous existence which will exacerbate frustrations rather than address them.

I am not trying to break the logic of this kid; thus relativism it is the under girding philosophy behind his words and behind our post-modern (although we distort what that means) American culture. That is dangerous. That view is being praised by some of those supporting the LGBTQ community, but I am not sure they are thinking about the negative ramifications it has on them.

We need – and cannot escape – belief, it drives all of us. This young boy’s views on the LGBTQ community are going to become more and more commonplace. And though I disagree with the LGBTQ lifestyle, the primary issue is the suggestion that everyone can be right. This does work for any belief system “religious”, social or otherwise.  Lets work out are differences and not put on masquerades of tolerance.

  1. “The reality is divorce over anything but infidelity is just as sinful”

    Are you really classifying divorce over abuse as sin? Are you really saying that someone should stay with a spouse who psychologically tortures or hits them (or worse, their children)?

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