The Gospel of Obama

As featured on “Musical Soul Food” radio show

The Pledge of Allegiance describes our country as “one nation, under God.” And our Declaration of Independence speaks of the equality of men.

Now listen as Juanita Bynum, Donnie McClurkin, William Murphy, and others honor the man who represents these important founding principles of our country … as well as our best hopes for the future.

A Gospel Tribute to President Barack Obama is a one-of-a-kind musical celebration that will both inspire you in your faith and make you proud to be an American.  Order your copy today. reported that they are releasing a Gospel album dedicated to Barack Obama.



Last time I looked Obama was a new president who is proving himself , but he hasn’t done anything incredible yet.

More importantly the Gospel is the Good News of Jesus Christ.  I understand that it is a musical genre, but I suggest that Gospel Music has lost its soul to commercialism  and consumerism and has become simply another style of music that isn’t always representative of true worship of God and thus sacrilegiously using the term “Gospel”.

When we lose this grasp on Gospel music we loose the essense of why we clap our hands, why we dance, and why we sing. In many ways when we lose the focus of Gospel music, we become worshipers of idols rather than God.

Perhaps a better tittle would be a Musical Tribute to Barack Obama. Although premature, I can deal with that.  But Gospel is more than a style it is more than Sunday morning music on BET. It is worshiping the Almighty God.

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