Obama? Pissed?

A facebook conversation sparked by someone being “pissed” at Obama winning the Nobel Prize  – I am Blackwasp19. If anyone wants to join in the conversation go ahead.


Blackwasp19 “pissed” ? why should it make you that mad? I disagree with the decision, but I don’t understand why it would “piss” anyone off.

2 Because other people deserved it way more…he hasn’t done anything to deserve such an honor.

3. obviously those who voted think he has done something to receive the award

4.  they don’t. They are just liberal punks who want to further a political waste of space.

5. he is the first US president since the millennium to not start a war?!

6. for real. i was PISSED.

Blackwasp19. I believe it was a presumptuous and premature; though he really has had a big impact on international politics, just look at approval rating of him in various countries. We can disagree with some of his policies and ideology, but we can’t argue that his presence hasn’t had and impact. But Danielle (or others) can you name who these others who … Read Moreshould have won? Again I argue he shouldn’t have won, but if we mention someone else should have won we need to have people and a good argument for them.

I also think to be “pissed” is a bit strong. Who are you “pissed” at? Obama? He didn’t give himself the award. The “liberals” in Oslo? If they are a waste of space then discredit the award and move on. Why does it make you pissed? Just because you disagree?

It is important that we aren’t killing conversation and cooperation by being rash. And that Love permeates our comments and conversations.

4. Is this kid kidding? Obama has done nothing for the US in his international politics except apologize for America, give us a week stand against Iran, and get our economy to the point where China said it was going to stop buying our debt cause we aren’t good for it. His impact = Negative.

As for someone who SHOULD’VE won, Greg Mortenson, has really made an effort in this field and should be commended over someone who has done nothing.

Pissed isn’t strong enough a word people should be outraged by the preferential treatment Obama has got without causing any significant results. Pissed that by giving Obama this award they are trying to secure his not sending troops to Afghanistan where they are needed.

People need to start looking at facts instead of how politically correct someone is when stating something they believe in. He didn’t deserve it, period.

As for him not starting a war….HES ONLY BEEN IN OFFICE ONE YEAR, and even though he promised to pull from Iraq and Afghanistan there are troops still there. … Read More

No one can blame Bush for this any longer…He is a year removed. The unemployment rate is up, taxes are up, and the stimulus bill hasn’t worked, AND Obama’s party controls both houses.

3. kids, no kidding.. just different opinions.. i appreciate debate and the passion for our nation


1. I said, twice, Obama shouldn’t have won – and that it was presumptuous and premature

2. “Kid” great way to end a conversation; neither you or are are a “kid”.

3. I actually agree that Greg Mortenson would have deserved it more, and also Hu Jia (but that would have strained international talk with China) or the Zimbabwean President.

4. The … Read Morefacts say Obama IS impacting international politics and diplomacy – again don’t forget that I don’t believe he should have won this year. Countries are reacting differently to the U.S. than they have in a long time. It is not so much that he is unilaterally different, but he provides and is trying to encourage much more multi-lateralism And he didn’t win the Nobel Prize for domestic policies it was for his impact on international politics. Just look at the international response after the election. People were celebrating for an American President’s election, that doesn’t happen all the time. That is something special. Obama’s impact is difficult to quantify, but we can qualify and see that it has been important – again in my mind not enough to win a Nobel Prize this year.

5. I believe Obama should put more troops in Afghanistan, if we are going to be there we need to do what we need to go and have our men and women come home. But, I do think he is still trying to take troops out – per his campaign promise. But it is difficult. But to push back, what did Bush do for abortion laws or really anything that he campaigned for? He got a Evangelical Christian bloc to trust him and vote for him, but then the Christians were hoodwinked because he did little in regards to “family values”. Yes he had republican ideas about taxes and government, but that isn’t what he ran on. All I am saying is that if we call out Obama – which we can – we must call our Bush and others for their incongruency.

6. Even if you disagree with some of the tactics of Obama and the Congress. I think it is a little bit of an overstatement to suggest that the democrats have made the economy worse. There are so many variables and a recession is the product of many factors and builds overtime before it hits – one could “blame” the treasury for not paying more … Read Moreattention to what was going on. One doesn’t have to agree with all the current tactics – I don’t – but regardless we have to allow things to take time.

7. No one in the conversation mentioned Bush, I know some might be, but that isn’t this conversation. But, since you brought t up. I think we treated bush really poorly, I didn’t agree with many of his decisions, but as my President I respected the man. My country elected him, and the war that everyone was flipping out about, was embarked upon because the American people wanted it to happen after 9-11.

7.. I doubt shee is actually “pissed” about this, many of you know here and realize she has already forgot about it. I agree with what you are saying Blackwasp19, no reason to be “pissed” at this. I think the Nobel Peace Prize has been on an obvious decline as last year Al Gore got it for a powerpoint he did on Global Warming, when one of the other … Read Moreindividuals up for it was a lady who had an “underground railroad” type situation in Nazi Germany that literally saved over 2,000 lives.

The problem here with looking at Obama’s approval rating in other countries is that doesn’t matter. Why are we as Americans trying to appease other countries that hate our guts?

Nobody can say that Dems or Republicans are the problem, they all are. Most of the politicians are just that, politicians, and are all liars anyways.

6. i know what you are thinking hahaha. i think she was just saying how she felt…not wanting to start a huge debate via facebook wall posts. we all think what we want to think. and we are all free to think what we want to think. the end. this doesnt have to go on anymore. sorry emily.

4. it would be nice to start a blog and continue, because this is were we get stronger as people. not hiding in groups of people who agree and smile and think the world will get better on it’s own. citizenship is the missing piece in american society. elected officials represent the people. that may be hard for some to admit, but it’s the truth. … Read Morepoliticians must have the support of the people. we have to attack the issues, get educated on processes and upend the forces that make our union less perfect.

  1. WOW. This is overwhelming to me. I think I don’t like debating things…and of course facebook doesn’t make it easier! I appreciated your points. I have not really read much about any of this although I must say I was surprised Obama won mostly because he has been in office such a short amount of time but I’m not sure how his winning would affect my emotional well being in any way! An interesting read no doubt, but I’m glad I didn’t see this on facebook…I think i tend to sin when I get in conversations like this! why I get all huffy is beyond me but Jeremy refuses to talk about politics with me!

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