God in a Box?

Recently I have been wondering about the personhood and magnitude of God and a question came to my mind. In our attempts to “not put God in a box” we are actually still trying to put our own attributes or desire of God on God? Is it that we really believe in a transcendent God who is beyond our imagination and human conception or do we want God to be out of the box so that we can feel as if we have the liberty to do whatever we want to do? Or is an “out of the box God” one that we use to comfort us when things go wrong – thus trying to escape acknowledging that this world has fallen from what it was created to be and that we – in Christ – have a role in pursing the redemption and reconciliation of the world?

What if God really is “in a box”? Even if one of His own creation and desire? If God is omnipotent – all powerful – , yet He limits himself and chooses to do things in certain ways (i.e. redeeming the world through a Messiah, Jesus), can we then assume that God is boxing himself in? At least in his interaction with us – his creation? This does not have to be negative; God is interacting with us in the way we need to be interacted with. Just because he is limiting himself doesn’t mean that He is a limited being.


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