A brief thought on Tiger Woods

I don’t respect Tiger Woods for his infidelity, but I do believe that he is trying to do the right thing by dropping golf and focusing on his family. He himself called his acts “transgressions”, he knows that weight of what he has done.  I definitely feel for his wife and children, but I also feel for him. Sin is eroding to the soul. Both those who have been sinned against and those who have sinned feel the destructive burn of sinfulness.

What angers me is all the conversation about how much money golf is going to lose – and how much money news stations and tabloids are making from running this story.  The money doesn’t matter in the least bit. I am flabbergasted that so many people are, at least outwardly, so concerned with the financial aspect of this issue that they are forgetting the hearts and souls involved.

Instead of critiquing him and examining is every actions, let us – especially Christians – pray  that Tiger and his family find true friends to rely on, that, in some why, they will find a God who loves them, and that their marriage , which most everyone sees as sacred and right, be restored.   At this moment they are both suffering from feeling like unloved beings.

This is a beautiful picture . . .

let us all hope that, despite it being tarnished, this picture can restored to is full beauty.

The restoration of beauty, reconcilation of relationships, and redemption from the bondage of sin are at the center of the Christian faith, so may it be at the center of our hearts and minds.

    • Colleen
    • December 29th, 2009

    I agree that marriage is sacred and that as Christians we should pray that marriages be restored to the beauty that God intended them to be. However, as someone who was cheated on, I can tell you that this picture is NOT beautiful! He was cheating on her during the time this was taken. This pictures in not one of a happy sacred marriage but of deceit and betrayal.

    Can she get past the pain? Can she have a happy marriage? Yes to both. However, it is much harder if the moments of true happiness unmarred by lies are less numerous than the ones backgrounded by other women.

  1. Colleen, thanks for posting.

    I am sorry for your past experience of being cheated on. I have never experienced this within my marriage and only can identify with the feeling of emptiness and pain from being cheated on in High School. I don’t wan to make it seem that cheating – especially within the context of a marriage covenant – is not impactful and detrimental

    I wrote this before all of the prior information about Tiger’s affairs was released. So, I agree with you that this picture is tainted because he was having affairs while this was going one. However, the picture of the Woods family is in my mind beautiful, not necessarily this picture, but the just family.

    Tiger was doing things wrong, but I also believe that he still actually cared about his wife. Speaking as a man who has struggled with sexual temptation (and knows others who are and have), when urges and desires are left unchecked things go array. They shouldn’t, but they often do. I wonder who did Tiger have to talk to about what was going on. I honestly don’t think he was indifferent to the issue, I believe he was struggling with his hypocrisy and that he loved his wife despite be shortcomings. I don’t think that is easy to express – I struggle with it myself -, but I must acknowledge that Tiger was and is broken and that brokenness is what broke his marriage.

    I don’t want to say she has to take him back and I don’t want to belittle her pain. She has difficult choices ahead of her. I can’t imagine the difficulty finding, as you said, “moments of true happiness”. My hope is just that God will give them both – Tiger, the sinner, and his wife, the sinned against – the great strength to find reconciliation – not an easy task.

    • Colleen
    • December 31st, 2009

    Thank you for your kind response. Unfortunately this is a “button” issue for me and I realized later that I came across way more harsh than I meant to. I agree with all that you have said, especially that his family is beautiful because an intact and loving family is as God desires. I do hope they stay together for the right reasons. It would be a wonderful example of what grace and forgiveness can do.

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