How Asian culture affects future generations

This was initially posted by DJ Chaung, and is a brief conversation about broad Asian culture – I realize that Asian culture is diverse . Being married to an Asian (Taiwanese) American woman has given me an interesting perspective of an Asian-American experience. At times, even unthinkingly, my wife is in-between White-American culture and Taiwanese culture. And although we are both ethnic-minorities, her experience as an Asian-American woman is much different than my experience as an African-American male. The differences are not solely in the way our skin tone is accepted by society, but in our personal understandings and experiences. We both have the tension of what DuBois calls a “double-consciousness”, but the way double consciousness manifests itself is unique. In addition, many Asian-Americans – even those several generations removed from immigration – deal with a cultural generation gap that is considerably greater than that of African-Americans.

What are your thoughts on this video and the influence of Asian culture?

  1. I can pretty much vouch for everything he said.

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