Who I Am

I grew up in the south western part of Virgina, in a City called Lynchburg. Some people know that city because it is where Jerry Falwell came to prominence – Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty University – I know the city because it is the place of by birth, experience, and maturation.

I have always been somewhere stuck in the middle. I grew up having “liberal views” for my conservative city, but then realized that others thought I have conservative views; I usually have a lot of debtors. However, my faith was forged from a variety of spectrums. I attended Thomas Road Baptist Church and would say that is where I found much of my spiritual foundation, but I also attended a variety of rural and urban Black Churches. As the son of a Black preacher I learned to understand the world of the Black church at a young age and was taught how our faith is personal,public, but not individual. I learned that God is a God of justice & mercy and that love is an utterly complex word.

Thanks for checkin’ out my site and reading a little bit about who I am. Feel free to make comments, ask questions etc. I am open.

Just  a warning. I usually just write, I don’t take a great deal of time editing many of my posts, not because I don’t care, but because for me this is an online journal and I can’t justify spending an immensity  of  time on this when I am balancing other obligations and responsibilities. Basically, I write from my heart and my head, but not always from the editor’s perspective. If there are any errors grotesque or minor, I apologize, as I re-read a post they may get corrected – or my wife will find it.


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  1. Love you blog and your take on so many things….sounds like you’ve come across Bryan and our world here at Fellowship Memphis. Would love to hear more about you…are you in church world?

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