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I am not a particular supporter of Louis Farrakhan or his ideas, but I do believe he has some wisdom in this clip.

There are a hodgepodge of ideas in this clip, but what do you think about the main issue of influencing culture through hip-hop and his comments about the influence hip-hop culture has on the world?

An Islamic Rob Bell?

Mostafa Hosni preaches on TV, repackaging Islam and focusing on real-life problems for Egypt’s young adults. Hedoesn’t fit the West’s stereotypical image of an Islamic spiritual leader

The Islamic preacher slipped on a pair of shorts and talked about the Koran while playing beach volleyball, eating barbecue and joking about hot cars and palaces in paradise. . .

The West’s picture of the Muslim preacher is often caricature: a bearded man in a tunic bellowing ancient verses and spinning asides about American imperialism. But that icon is changing as the image and message of mainstream Islam are softened to appeal to upwardly mobile, twenty something followers less concerned with dogma than bleeping out life’s annoyances on the way to success. . .

“People want to change their lives in the way they are devout,” said Hosni, who sat the other day with his head newly shaved from a recent hajj pilgrimage. “We are in a defining time in Islam, and this will help us open ourselves up to the world.” . . .

“Those conservative preachers always tell you: ‘There is no time. The Judgment Day is coming. When will you wake up?’ You feel you are doomed,” she said. “Hosni understands what we talk about and what problems we face and how we think. In colleges, we talk about dating. We don’t talk about the Koran or religion, and Hosni talks about our issues. . . . He has a very simple style that allows him to reach our minds and souls.”

The LA Times

A Lighter Side of Islam


Al Jeezera – English posted an article referring to the efforts of Islamic Relief, which is a British Based NGO trying to erase the Stigma of AIDs in Africa.


 I know that there are great complexities with supporting Islam in any mannner. Koranic Theology does not exclaim the love or peace of Allah. But I also believe that is important that those fighting the AIDs epidemic, Islamic or otherwise should be praised. More importantly, it is important that we acknowledge the positives in the Islamic world in order to break down the “terrorist” stigma of Muslims.